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My Nigga Urkkk

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"It’s time to clean MTV outta your ears and listen up like a good student. Eyedea and Abilities is here to turn robot sheep back into humans. I gotta speak til the facts get heard. I collapse the last fractured nerve. This is much more than just your average rapper’s words."
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i originally didn’t intend for this photo to even be a part of the series, i shot this one while interviewing miami rapper Denzel Curry for a piece we did on him on Youthful Kinfolk. this was a last minute snap as he was heading back into the greenroom, Denzel is a talented dude and definitely someone to look out for this coming year after having dropped an amazing album in Nostalgic64 last year. check out the interview wine & bowties did on my pieces for their art show “FEELS” here, the closing reception for which is may 31st.
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RIP Jamal Dewar , aka King Capital Steez . LongliveSteelo , from the illustrator . proera